Returning at some point in 2020! More info to come


19th Jun 2020, 5:40 PM in Extras
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heckos 19th Jun 2020, 5:40 PM
Took a brief break from these for a minute, things as always have been unpredictable. This month's flavor was moving out of my home and not having another house to move into. We had to hang out in a hotel for a week, but now I'm happy to say we have a very temporary home, at least until the end of July.

But back to the topic at hand, this is god. There isn't too much to say about them except that in a way I'm happy I gave them a weirder/more fantastical design because I have a tendency to get too caught up in things being realistic. As seen when god visits Aracely, they take on different forms at different times. I don't know if I'd ever make another one for use in Frames though, I'm pretty attached to this one. I also don't capitalize god, which you may have noticed. That's an intentional decision kind of based in a bit of religion-spiting lol.


JW 14th Mar 2021, 1:34 PM
You still alive and stuff?
I hope you're doing okay.
heckos 15th Mar 2021, 3:29 AM
Oh god I'm so sorry, I really thought I posted an official update here. I've decided that Frames is going to return to an indefinite hiatus, most likely permanent. I love it and the characters very much, but I think I wrote myself into a corner and have some regrets with certain decisions that make going forward difficult. (Mostly just little personal things like character ages and a lack of direction for the story after this arc.) I may come back to the ideas/characters in the future in other forms though, since I do still like a lot of the stuff I was playing with. :')

I've begun work on another comic called Prince of Writhing, a fantasy adventure that's been in the works for a while now. Things have been really difficult and busy the past few months so progress is a bit slow, but I'd like to ideally begin updating before the end of 2021. At the moment two sketched pages are uploaded on the site as a teaser and to give a sense of the feel for this story.

Sorry again to leave you hanging for so long, I really blanked completely on posting a final update with everything going on.
JW 15th Mar 2021, 1:19 PM
Don't worry about it :) I figured the past 12+ months have been difficult enough for a lot of people that there might be all sorts of reasons why there hadn't been any update.
I'll add the new comic to my bookmarks and faithfully stalk it till it updates ;)
heckos 18th Mar 2021, 2:47 PM
I appreciate it, thanks!